Gary E. Albright  
Paper and Photograph Conservator

Treatment Portfolio

Photographs, prints, drawings and other paper objects are treated to improve their appearance or their physical stability so they can be enjoyed and safely handled.  All treatments are documented with a condition and treatment report.  The following pairs of photographs demonstrate the results that can be obtained from professional conservation treatment.  The image to the left shows the object before treatment; that on the right was taken after treatment.  The treatments shown include:
  •  a daguerreotype from which the tarnish was removed,
  •  a convex crayon portrait which had its tears mended and losses filled,
  •  a pre-WWI recruitment poster which was washed and bleached to reduce the dark discoloration, and
  •  a photograph portrait which was treated chemically to reduce the staining.
If you have any paper or photographic materials needing treatment, please contact Gary Albright to discuss your options and the costs involved.  Gary can be reached at 585-624-2612 or by email,

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