Gary E. Albright  
Paper and Photograph Conservator

Educational Seminars

Since 2003, Gary Albright has taught photograph conservation to the students at the Buffalo State College art conservation program.  In 2010, he taught paper and photograph conservation for the Queen's University Art Conservation Program in Kingston, Ontario.  However, the majority of his teaching has been in the form of one to four day seminars for museum professionals and the general public.  These have occurred at libraries, historical societies, museums, and  professional conferences.  They've covered a wide range of topics - the identification and preservation of photographic prints, negatives, cased objects and color images;  emergency salvage of wet photographs; surface cleaning, mending, and flattening of paper and photographic materials; and conservation treatment possibilities.  Gary's teaching emphasizes the practical application of conservation principles to institutions or collections with limited budgets.  He prefers to teach in small groups, so he can work with actual images from his extensive private collection.  Sample agendas from two seminars are provided below.  If you'd like to arrange a seminar at your institution for your staff or the public, please contact Gary at or call 585-624-2612.

(a one-day seminar)
  • A short history of photography
  • Deterioration of photographic prints
  • Identification of photographic printing processes (lecture and hands-on)
  • Preservation of photograph collections
  • Clinic or Lecture
    • Clinic to examine objects provided by the participants, with corresponding questions and answers
    • Lecture on the conservation treatment of photographic prints

(a two-day seminar)
Day 1: Morning (lectures)
  • Disaster planning
  • Responding to an emergency
  • Salvage of wet photographs
Day 1: Afternoon (hands-on)
  • Air drying
  • Freezing
Day 2: Morning
  • Hands-on: Salvage of frozen photographs
  • Discussion: Observations from the salvage experience
  • Lecture: Preservation treatments for dried photographs
Day 2: Afternoon
  • Hands-on: Surface cleaning, mending, and flattening of photographs
  • Discussion: Final Observations and questions

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